AR Bookfind

Go to (use this site to lookup all ARs before reading. Use this site to find ratings and to complete the AR Book Form). 

Select a book from this collection that meets the following criteria:

  1. IL (interest level) of MG (middle grade), MG+, or UG
  2. BL (difficulty level) of at least 3.6
  3. AR POINTS (book length) of at least 5.0

Stronger readers should select books with higher BL’s and AR Points. But the most important criteria when selecting a book should be the content of the book. Select books that will be enjoyable to read. Read the book summaries. Consider how other students rated the book for enjoyment. Avoid books with enjoyment ratings under 3. Find other books by favorite authors. Spend time researching and selecting books to greatly improve the chances of actually enjoying the book. See me before starting a book with lower ratings to have the book approved.



2 thoughts on “AR Bookfind”

  1. HI Mr. V the people at St. Barnabas really miss you.

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