JR HIGH AR Requirements

Accelerated Reader Requirements

 Take the quiz or check quiz scores here (Renaissance Learning)

  1. 6th grade students are required to read 1 AR each grading period.
  2. Junior High students must take a minimum of 1 AR quiz each grading period. They may take more.
  3. The highest grade from each student’s AR quizzes each quarter will be averaged into their Reading grade. Failing to take at least 1 AR quiz will result in a grade of zero.
  4. Students may not use a novel that we are or have read together as a class. They may however take an AR quiz over their summer reading assignment.
  5. Books must have a minimum difficulty level of 3.6. Students who are strong readers should select books of higher difficulty. Accommodations will be made for students reading below grade level. See me to have books of lower levels approved before reading the book. Warning – AR difficulty levels are very inaccurate. 
  6. AR books must be worth at least 5.0 points for length.  No “short” books will be accepted. They do not emphasize literary skills and have a tendency to result in low quiz grades in spite of their length.  
  7. Students may not retake AR quizzes.
  8. AR quizzes must be taken at school during Reading Class or Library Period only. They may be taken in the classroom on a student’s chrome book, or in the library during this time. Students may not refer to the book, notes, or receive any assistance from other students. Taking ARs over books you have not read (movies) is dishonest and doesn’t result in a good score. Students found cheating on an AR will receive discipline and a zero for their AR grade. Students suspected of cheating may be asked to retake an AR. PLEASE BE HONEST. Your character is more important than your Reading grade!
  9. Students must bring their current AR book with them to Reading class each day (except when the class is reading a novel together). They will receive some class time each quarter to complete AR’s, but the majority of reading must be done at home. Students should always be able to answer the question “What are you reading?” and be able to show their current AR book in class.
  10.  Students may be asked to complete an AR BOOK FORM when they begin a new AR. Completing the form in advance requires the student to look the book up on AR Book Finder and will insure the book selected meets the requirements for difficulty and length.

AR Book List 

Please use the following process and criteria to determine if a book meets the requirements and to complete the AR Book Form.

STEP ONE: Go to www.arbookfind.com (Use this site to lookup all ARs before reading. Make sure a quiz exists for the book, and it meets the AR requirements). 

STEP TWO: Select a book that meets the following criteria:

  1. IL (interest level) of MG (middle grade), MG+, or UG
  2. BL (difficulty level) of at least 3.6
  3. AR POINTS (book length) of at least 5.0

Stronger readers should select books with higher BL’s and AR Points. But the most important criteria when selecting a book should be the content of the book. Select books that will be enjoyable to read. Read the book summaries. Consider how other students rated the book for enjoyment. Avoid books with enjoyment ratings under 3. Find other books by favorite authors. Spend time researching and selecting books to greatly improve the chances of actually enjoying the book. 

STEP THREE: Complete an AR form for the book if requested by the teacher. This is usually only requested at the start of 6th grade, or if students are not being responsible in selecting ARs.

Forms may be checked for homework grades. Forms should be placed on the student’s desk during AR Reading periods. The form makes it possible to monitor what students are reading, and guarantees that students are reading books that meet the requirements. 

STEP FOUR: Acquire the book.

Call ahead to your local library or visit their website to see if they carry the book you selected. You can reserve books by phone or through the library’s website. Libraries will pull books from the shelf and hold them for you at the front desk if you call ahead. Books can also be ordered from other branches and transferred to your local library for pickup. Of course books may be found in the school library or on my reading shelf, but I encourage you to use the nearest public library. 

STEP FIVE: Take the quiz.

Must be taken by you, at school, over books you have READ!.


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