Taking 2 Tests


Good Morning!

Clear your desks.

You will be taking two tests today.

The first is a test of reading.

The second is a test of character.

The first will tell me how well you understand the book we are reading.

The second will tell me what kind of person you are.

If you have to fail one of those tests. Please fail the first one.

Because your character is more important than your reading grade. Your honesty, your integrity, and your honor should never be sacrificed. These are things that should never be sold for any price, and certainly not exchanged for a mere number on a test. You are more than that number. Never trade your character for accomplishment, not for money, not for fame, not for acceptance. Who you are as a person is worth more than all of those. Don’t surrender your character today, or tomorrow, or ten years from now.

Your character is more important to me. Your character is more important to your parents. Your character is more important to God. And your character should be more important to you.

The first test is my test.

The second test is God’s test.

Are you ready?

Don’t look left.

Don’t look right.

Keep your eyes on your own paper and do your own work.

Keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times.

Return your seat backs and tray tables to the full and upright position.

Attendants please prepare the cabin for take-off.

If you did the assigned reading, studied your vocabulary words, completed your homework assignments, and paid attention to class discussion this test will be embarrassingly easy. If you failed to do these things may God have mercy on your soul. For you shall find none here.

Good luck!


 “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

       – J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter)

Quizlet Flashcards – Ideal for studying vocabulary or literary terms.


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